Millions Of Unclaimed Property And Cash Can Be Claimed Through State Search Databases

Have you ever had a bank account that you forgot to close before moving? Or perhaps you had paid extra on certain utility bills to the point where there was a positive balance, but then you switched to another utility provider and the account was closed without you ever receiving a check for the extra balance you paid? Or perhaps you have a relative who gifted you some property before passing away?

According to the State of Missouri Treasury Department, there are over $700 million in unclaimed property and cash in the United States and provinces in Canada. All this property and cash is with the state treasurer's offices that handle unclaimed property, or with the business that has the unclaimed account and made a report to the state's treasury office. The state can never take ownership of this property, so the items sit unclaimed until the rightful owners appear to claim them.

Don't let the possibility pass you by. You could have unclaimed cash or property waiting to be claimed. Why not find out if there is anything that truly belongs to you?

What Types Of Unclaimed Property Is Waiting To Be Claimed?

Unclaimed property can consist of anything earned from employment, any financial stocks in your name, any property that you inherited from relatives, or any overpaid bills in which you are entitled to receive the extra balance. The following items that have been unclaimed include:

If these items are in your name, then you are entitled to claim them. Nobody else can take these things away from you unless you have stated in a will that the property should go to a beneficiary. There is no time limit on when you can claim these items. The Treasury Department of your state cannot sell the items or take the cash to use for state funding. It is still rightfully your property.

What Should You Do?

If you believe you have unclaimed property, then you can perform state searches to try to find it. It doesn't matter if you no longer live in that particular state or it has been several years since you even thought of the property or cash. Even if you don't think there is any type of unclaimed property or cash out there, you can still perform the searches to check. You never know if a relative has willed you property or cash and you were never contacted about it.

If you are wondering how much it will cost to search for your unclaimed cash and property, it will cost you absolutely nothing. It is free to get your items back, because you are the owner of the things. Be advised that there are people out there who call themselves either locators or heir finders that locate people with unclaimed property. These people will charge you a fee, sometimes it can cost up to 50-percent of the value of the unclaimed property, to help you claim your money. But by performing the search yourself, you don't have to pay them anything.

How Do I Find My Unclaimed Property

With the Internet at you fingertips, you can find the unclaimed property by accessing The Department of State website for your state and going into the Unclaimed Property tab. You can also go to your state's Department of Treasury who may handle the unclaimed property division.

These state websites have managed search systems that allow you to find your property by typing in your first and last name. Some states may also ask for you to do a search by your last name and zip code. Once you find the unclaimed property, you may either click the property name on the web page which will direct you to the specific claim form to fill out, or your state may have special instructions on how to contact them with a claim to repossess your property.

Get Your Unclaimed Property Today

There is no hoop jumping or long complicated process to find out if you have unclaimed property. By going to your state's website where you believe the property is located, you can search the database and make a claim. So find your unclaimed cash and property today.